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Deposit Period: 1 March 2019 to 28 February 2022

A. Introduction

  • 1.1.Vantage International Group Limited operating under the trading name VANTAGE, is authorized and regulated by the VFSC under Section 4 of the Financial Dealers Licensing Act (CAP 70) (Reg.No.700271)
  • 2. The “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” Terms and Conditions is an integral part of the “Vantage International Group Limited Terms and Conditions” and provisions set herein are considered as an annex of all “Vantage International Group Limited Terms and Conditions”.

B. Conditions of Eligibility

  • 1. Subject to, and without prejudice to, all other Terms and Conditions, the offer is available to VANTAGE’s Clients who have satisfied the Eligibility Criteria for the offer (“Eligible Clients”) as set out in the sections following hereinafter.
  • 2. The “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” may be offered by VANTAGE from time to time to clients who open real trading accounts (meaning not demo) with VANTAGE, in cases where such clients are referred to VANTAGE via specific websites and/or social network sites in the context of certain specific promotions, and/or surveys that VANTAGE may be running from time to time on such specific websites and/or social network sites.
  • 3. VANTAGE, at its absolute discretion, offers the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” to any Client(s) and/or any countries/regions, as it deems appropriate and for as long as VANTAGE deems to provide it.
  • 4. Only persons who can form legally binding contracts under the laws applicable in their country of residence may participate in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM”. Without limiting the foregoing, participation in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” is not allowed for persons under the age of 18 or otherwise under legal age in their country of residence ("minors"). If you are a minor, you may not participate in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM”.
  • 5. Participation of “Intermediaries/Related Parties” in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” is prohibited. If the registration and/or trading data of a participant in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” corresponds with the registration and/or trading information, including but not limited to IP address, of another participant in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM”, VANTAGE reserves the right to regard this matching as a reason for immediate disqualification. For the purposes hereof, the term “Intermediary (ies)/Related Party (ies)”, when used in these Terms & Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, shall mean to include any person or entity bearing a relationship with any participant in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” , including, without limitation:
    • a) family members, such as brothers, sisters, spouses, ancestors,lineal descendants and collateral descendants;
    • b) person or entity, whom any participant in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM”, directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, or whom, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries, is controlled by, or is under common control with any participant in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM”; for purposes of this definition, the term “control” (including, with correlative meaning, the terms “controlled by“ and “under common control with”), as used with respect to any participant in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM”, shall mean the possession, directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, of the power to direct or cause the direction of management policies of such person or entity, whether through ownership of voting securities or otherwise.
  • 6. Similarly, persons associated in any manner whatsoever with VANTAGE and/or with the specific websites and/or social network sites on which VANTAGE may be running from time to time certain specific promotions, contests and/or surveys, in the context of which access to the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” is offered, are not allowed to participate in the offer.

C. Specific “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” Terms

  • 1. Eligible Clients, who meet the criteria set forth herein are able to benefit from zero swaps (long or short) charges when trading the following products which are; Forex pairs (available on the VANTAGE trading platform), Gold and Silver, for the first 7 days of trading. Standard swap charges will resume from the 8 th day onwards. For example, each FX, Gold and Silver transaction or position placed on the VANTAGE trading platform during this campaign will have a 7-day period where swaps are waived. If clients continue to hold those positions longer than 7 days, normal swaps apply from the Eighth day onwards subject to the above clause, will have a 7 day period where swaps charges or credits will waived.
  • 2. Client will be charged Swap as normal. However, VANTAGE will calculate accumulative amount of swap charges of the month and return this total amount to client’s account by the 5th of the following month. However, If you are holding the position that can gain swap charges, we will deduct these swap charges from your account within 5 th of the following month as well.
  • 3. This promotion is valid from 1st March 2019 - 28th of February 2022. Swap charge will be calculated at the end of the month and return to client account on 5 th of next month.
  • 4. If your trading Account is closed or suspended, VANTAGE may cancel the reversal of swap charges.
  • 5. VANTAGE will not be liable for any costs, expenses or damages which may be suffered as a result of VANTAGE re-setting or adjusting your Account as contemplated by these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to losses attributable to automatically Closed Out Open Positions.

D. General Terms

  • 1. The “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” is available for Standard and ECN trading accounts.
  • 2. The “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” PAMM is unavailable for this promotion
  • 3. “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” is available for MT4 Only
  • 4. The “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” applies to all clients who open real (meaning not demo) Account with VANTAGE.
  • 5. VANTAGE reserves the right, at its sole discretion:
    • i. to decline registration of any participant in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM”; and
    • ii. disqualify any participant in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” who tampers or breaches these terms and/or any of the “VANTAGE Business Terms and Policies” set forth on VANTAGE’s website.
  • 6. VANTAGE reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to discontinue the offering of this “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” to any of its clients, without having to explain the reasons. Such clients will be informed via email.
  • 7. VANTAGE reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” or any aspect of it at any time without having to compensate anyone for that. Prior notice of such changes will be given to clients. Please note that taking part in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” constitutes acceptance and agreement to abide by any such alterations, amendments and/or changes.
  • 8. Any indication or suspicion, in the VANTAGE’s sole discretion, of any form of arbitrage (including but not limited to risk free profiting), abuse (including but not limited to participant's trading activity patterns that indicate that the participant solely aims to benefit financially from this promotion. In these circumstances, VANTAGE reserves the right, at its sole discretion to close/suspend (either temporarily or permanently) all such Eligible Client’s real trading Account(s) with VANTAGE, cancel all orders and annul all profits of such participant. In these circumstances, VANTAGE shall not be liable for any consequences of the credit bonus cancelation, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by Stop Out.
  • 9. Taking part in the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and of the Vantage International Group Limited Terms and Conditions set forth on the VANTAGE’s website.
  • 10. The “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” is available for a limited period of time only, as indicated in the rules of engagement of the specific promotion, and/or survey of which the “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” is mentioned to be a part.
  • 11. The “VANTAGE FREEMIUM” terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance to the laws applicable in the State of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian law). Any dispute or situation not covered by these terms will be resolved by the VANTAGE in the manner it deems to be the fairest to all concerned. That decision shall be final and/or binding on all entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • 12. If these terms and conditions are translated into a language other than English, then the English version of the terms shall prevail where there is an inconsistency.

E. Risk Warning

  • 1. Trading derivatives and forex carries a high level of risk to your capital and should only be traded with money you can afford to lose. Ensure you read the documents on our Legal Documents Page ( (including FSG, PDSs and Terms & Conditions), and seek independent advice, to fully understand the risks, before deciding to trade. This promotion has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs.